"I Wanna Get Drunk (feat. Three 6 Mafia, Lil Jon and Fatman Scoop)"- DJ Felli Fel

My apologies for slacking on the posts, but my current aural diet of Prince and more Prince, while salubrious, does not make for quality observations regarding the freshest summer bangers. However, from time to time, I must shed my purple-tinged music sensibilities and get back to my roots.

This song pulled me out of my funk-laden funk in a big way. Shamelessly cribbed from Hype Machine, "I Wanna Get Drunk" is the best dumbest mashup I've heard yet.

Most current DJ's, like European footballers, aim for clever spins on old records (Girl Talk, Super Mash Bros.) or relentlessly crate-dig, developing cataracts searching for that one record where Miles Davis plays a kazoo while fingering Betty Davis in the back room of the Lenox Lounge (DJ Shadow).

But in those two classifications of DJ, no one really makes stupid mashups. Props to DJ Felli Fel, who just takes the most arena-ready synth hook ever composed (Van Halen's "Jump" and overlays some lyrics from the reigning kings of crunk to birth the baddest, most Patron-soaked track of the summer).

Loud enough to hear the song in a strip club when your face is pushed into a stripper's cleavage, but never crass, "I Wanna Get Drunk" is it. It's barely noon as I write this, but I'm already feening for some bottle service. GET ON MY LEVEL.

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