Sleep reunion tour

Stoner metal legends Sleep are reuniting for a tour this fall. This is huge news, as the band's monolithic, tar-pit-thick riffs helped define a genre alongside desert rockers Kyuss. They also somewhat infamously recorded an hour-long, one-track album about "The Weedian...following the smoke to the riff-filled land" entitled Dopesmoker. Whether you share Sleep's devotion to weed or not, these should be some unforgettable shows.

Check out the tour dates at Sleep's myspace, included in the link above.

If you haven't heard them, here's "Dragonaut" off of 1993's classic Holy Mountain. Guitarist Matt Pike and bassist Al Cisneros lead the way with a sludgy swing that recalls Black Sabbath's glory days. Cisneros also sounds a lot like Ozzy while singing lyrics like "Ride the dragon towards the crimson eye/Flap the wings under Mars red sky." Stoner metal at its finest.

Sleep - "Dragonaut"

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