The Return of Jus†ice: CIVILIZATION

Screw those rips from that Adidas ad, right now I'm throwin' at you the first released track from the French house masters' next record.  Released in Europe on Tuesday and in the US next week, "Civilization" is a grand return to the scene by the duo, bringing out strong, seemingly out-of-character classic '70s rock rhythms and steely flangers to start but then smashing the track into the ground with their trademark disco melodies.  This time around, they've hardened their sound a bit, somewhat like what MSTRKRFT has done with their re-emergence, but it's still as massive as they ever were.

I did this for you, so eat it while it's hot (and not on American shores yet): "Civilization" - Justice


The Monkeys Are Back

New track from the Arctic Monkeys.

It's gonna be a good year.  More mature sounding Alex Turner?


Scale the Summit - "Whales"

With the release of their third full length, Collective (nothing do to with animals), instrumental shredders Scale the Summit have kicked off an awesome month for metal. Check out the track "Whales", posted below. These guys are one of the few technical metal bands out there that always write with a keen ear for melody. Their music weaves through time signature changes and complex rhythms without ever giving into self indulgence. "Whales" starts off with a dark, Pelican-esque intro before surging forward through Chris Letchford's excellently phrased lead guitar lines. Make sure you pay close attention to the serenely spiraling arpeggios around the 4:20 mark.


"Joaquin Phoenix"- Travis Barker feat. Lupe Fiasco

Former Mr. Pamela Travis Barker shows that it's not just all the small things with his blazing mixtape Let the Drummer Get Wicked, a collaboration with DJ Whoo Kid, and this is certainly the freshest beat I've heard in a while.
Most-blogged-about-of-2011 Lupe shows up with a Kendrick Lamar-esque jagged flow to match the pulsing polyrhythms. This track effortlessly fuses the rock and the funk elements in a way that makes the Neptunes and Handsome Boy Modeling School shit themselves so now Barker's dick isn't the only joint of his blowing up the Interwebs now.

Get it immediately. The more I hear that beat the better it gets.


"Blow"-Ke$ha VIDEO

Unreal. I fuckin love Munster cheese tickling my tastebuds. This is phenomenal.


"We R The Night (Diddy + Ke$ha + Waka Flocka Flame + Wale)"- Mochi Beats

After all, what else would you want to hear muffled through the E'd-up girl's thighs while you're eating her out in a mud-stained bathroom?

That's right, it's the weekend and that means mashups are the soundtrack to your debauchery. Ke$ha and Waka Flocka only make it sweeter–however, like the Rubinoff you drank or the guy you domed last night, mashups often don't seem quite as attractive in the harsh light of day. So enjoy the ephemeral gossamer essence of the mashup–and then throw it in the trash heap because there will always be a next weekend.


Mac Miller- "Donald Trump"

Track goin' ham on my pod right now. White Wiz Khalifa? Hipster Yelawolf? Doesn't matter, I'll take this 8 days a week. This dude is blowing up, stay tuned for more later off his new mixtape K.I.D.S. (Kicking Incredibly Dope Shit) out now.