Throwback Thursday: Alice Deejay

I'm back, and right on time to take a crack at the unstoppable force of today's Throwback Thursday, the D-S-R triple team job that you can't beat anyday.

I'm taking you back to the summer of the second Millennium, the only one we're going to experience in our lifetimes and a huge one at that.  The Dutch DJ group was known as one of the best around, and this track KILLED IT in clubs worldwide.  There's nothing like some good trance to get you in that zone, but the '90s were the prime years for it, irrevocably incomparably, naturally.  The wahine vocals are mesmerizing, as are the beats, that winds over and over and seems like it could go on for forever more, leaving you to bask in rays of justified ignorant bliss (and the length of your stay is easily altered by the click of the repeat button).

Hit it: "Better Off Alone"

Aaaaand the vid, boo ya!

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