TWS Certified Filthy: Skrillex

As quite possibly my favorite electronic artist of the year, Skrillex, aka Sonny Moore, can safely be declared as one of the dirtiest to ever stomp onto the dubstep scene (it's not even perfectly legit to call his work dubstep).  He is a monster behind the tables, and everything he makes is very surprisingly danceable.  He definitely likes to hold onto the electro-house genre, but where he is utterly unbelievably gnaaarsty is embedded in his drops and almost spastic melodies.  There, it is much more than the shitty wobble you hear in 50% of dubstep that they even dare call it that.

The first time I heard him, I almost died.  Actually, I think that it's highly possible that some people die at his shows--- it really is a mental overload that is so heavy that it affects your vision because your sense of hearing can't handle it.

Thoroughly brutal (I am seriously warnning you about this one): "Hey Sexy Lady (Skrillex Remix)"

Sinfully original: "Kill Everybody"

Pick up his free EP at his website.

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