New Iron & Wine

Yo everyone, sorry I've been absent from posting here for so long, but I've been sucked into this black hole of listening to the new Agalloch, Enslaved, The Ocean, Intronaut, and Yelawolf albums on repeat and I can't derive satisfaction from anything that's not brvtal (yes, Yelawolf is pretty brvtal). Anyways, here's a great new song from everyone's favorite bearded indie folkster Iron & Wine. Check out "Walking Far From Home," from the upcoming Kiss Each Other Clean over at Sam Beam and company's myspace.

For those of you who were praying for Beam to return to the whispering dude + acoustic guitar + lo-fi recording quality that he ditched on 2007's The Shepherd's Dog, that ain't going to happen, if this new cut is any indication. Against one of his typically pretty melodies and evocative lyrics, Beam colors a single repeating chord progression with a schizophrenic array of instruments. The shoegaze churn that opens the track quickly gives way to piano, with new sounds dropping in every few seconds. "Walking Far From Home" even features one of Beam's most unrestrained vocal performances ever during the coda, as he lets loose with a high-flying, joyous falsetto against Queen-like harmonies. I'm so stoked for this album.

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