"Waspy (feat Tennis)"- G-Eazy

Sorry DP Double Play, jacked this one. Hype Machine dicksucker G-Eazy teams up with Tennis, the cutest band ever, for this topsider-clad chillfest. Sampling the breezy vocals and doo-wop bass of the yacht-club jam "Marathon", "Waspy" is about a poor rapper who hits the jackpot, bagging a slumming Yalie whose 'booty ain't that fat but her wallet is.'

This song is interesting only for how uninteresting it is. Asher Roth sound-alike plus trendy indie jam du jour plus references to topsiders? Throw Chiddy Bang's "Adults (Opposite of Kids)" in Vineyard Vines, and "Waspy" pops out like a cold sore. However, in the new music culture, is it worth putting any thought into a song that will be relevant only until the next Urban Outfitters anthem comes out?

Clearly, G-Eazy did not mean to make any profound statement in the writing of "Waspy", and it's a fun song, but it just makes you want to listen to "Marathon." Stupid rappers in skinny jeans who make songs for self-referential white people irk me like nothing else. "Waspy" is an obvious prostitute for my demographic, so I'll give G-Eazy my ironic "dollars", but nothing more.

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