Is This Youth?: The Naked And Famous

As the first notes glisten in on their most well-known track "Young Blood", it's Passion Pit.  Michael Angelakos' unmistakable eunuch falsetto chimes in, but then again, it's not.  This New Zealand group is no impostor, bearing their own sound that is synth-powered but not completely driven that way.  The Naked And Famous employ prominent basslines and drum beats to keep the pulse heavy, along with enough guitar work to fill the spaces in between.  "Young Blood" is written in the style of the Temper Trap's "Sweet Disposition", voicing instants of love, recklessness, and those moments that fail to escape the bliss of mind.  It isn't a small song; it has its bits where it is grand and pensive at once, and it implores you to think of the best of your own youth.

Go forth: "Young Blood"

And the video's pretty fun too.

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