Summer?: El Guincho

No matter who, where or what you are right now, El Guincho's beach-minded bliss pop will carry you off to a secret Mediterranean paradise, most likely along the Spanish coast where his roots are set down.  The recent explosion in chill-wave can be sort of attributed to his 2007 album Alegranza!, on which he set down the deal, and now a few years later bands seem to embrace the sound that he had conquered first.  He pulls from so much---Afrobeat, dub, Tropicália, and early rock'n'roll---that you can already feel your ears salivating.  On this particular cut off of his latest record Pop Negro, with personable steel drums and Animal Collective-esque drum loops, a hoppy bass that goes along the lines of hyperactive, and plenty of oh-oh-oh's to go up and down the coast, Pablo Díaz-Reixa's masterpiece has exploded in the best way possible.  Although the meaning of his Spanish lyrics is still a mystery to some, his words are so filled with joy that you really can't complain about lack of knowledge because the meaning is in the feeling, and the feeling is fantastic.

Lift or be lifted: "Bombay"

And pick up his new album here.

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