Gucci Mane- "Trap Talk" VIDEO

GUCCI! The best worst hip-hop artist is back with the third single off his new album The Appeal: Georgia's Most Wanted (drops Sept. 28th).

Now before you haters click out of the page, disgusted that TWS would ever endorse Mr. Lemonade, hear me out. Better yet, hear this beat out. Oh my goodness, that bass can sterilize a woman from 50 feet.

Problems with Gucci Mane:
1. His cadence is slower than Jim Thome to first base.

Yes, but his voice slowly drips out of the speakers like codeine into a Solo cup. He's got great flow, but it requires the proper beat.

2. He doesn't have a song without the word "trap".

Jay-Z does not have a song without some permutation of "H.O.V.A." And no one cares.

My point is, you can hate on Gucci until the cows come home, if he's got a beat this fat, it doesn't matter. His flow is subtler than you would think. Check it out.

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