Wolf Parade

As an amalgamation of many interesting, prominent members of the indie scene, Wolf Parade have always struck on something good.  Even better though, their new record Expo 86 puts out a sound that shows their solidarity.  Somewhat like with that not-to-be-spoken series of vampire films, there's always been two camps, between Spencer and Dan, the primary songwriters.  They have notably different styles, and it has shown through in past albums, especially Mount Zoomer.  This time around, it seems like they've worked at finding a solid middle-ground, and the foundation of which is relatively sound.

In "Ghost Pressure", there lies a dark, shimmery dance-y Dan-led track, and in "What Did My Lover Say? (It Always Had to Go This Way) is a tweaked riff monster that is Spencer-led.  However, the latter's riffs are not unlike Dan, showing how they've managed to blur themselves so that distinction is no longer easily found, though each track is written by a distinctive Dan or Spencer.

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