My Girls of Summer: Sky Ferreira

"My Girls of Summer" will be a semi-regular summer deal, where I'll be airing some of the chicas that are pumping my speakers right now.  Don't ask why---they're just exxxcellent.  
First up is probably my favorite femme of the summer, and after a decent single release last year, she flew onto the scene this summer with a track that is pure sweetness.  She's pretty well-known throughout the indie photography and music scene, especially in LA, and definitely seems the Lolita type, except here she's actually got something to show for all she does.  She's sung with the Virgins, the Bloody Beetroots, and the ever respectable Steve Aoki so she's not new to the whole electronic scene, which shows through in "One", a 3-minute beauty of electropop at it's best.  Bloodshy & Avant-produced robotic beats and an air of sunny and ephemerally sexiness about her make sure that this track is nothing but a keeper.  Maybe all that hanging with international dirty party girl Uffie has done her some good after all.

It's hard not to: "One"

And check the vid too, shot by none other than the killer British photographer Rankin.

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