"Telephone Line"- Electric Light Orchestra VIDEO

I'm going on vacation tomorrow, so I figured I would turn the clocks forward and present to you the first and only installment of Throwback Tuesday–and this fucker's a beaut. I just found the gloriously misguided Afros and goatees of Electric Light Orchestra, and I can't get enough.

The cellos and keyboards linger over little chords in the opening stanzas as Jeff Lynne's voice wavers at just the right moments. This continues until they all slide up into the hook, a gorgeously operatic slice of street-corner doo-wop–but with cellos and crash down onto the chorus like a wrecking-ball of hairspray and overbearing rock and roll. IT RULES RULES RULES and is playing at full volume in my workplace (room) on repeat. Why aren't you playing it yet?

Bonus points for the lamest music video I've ever seen.

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