The Sword

In anticipation of Texan stoner metal revivalists The Sword's upcoming album, Warp Riders, the band has released a new track. Like sludge superstars Mastodon did on last year's Crack the Skye, The Sword are now pondering the heavens in place of the standard D&D fare. "Tres Brujas" sees the group opting for a more polished sound--gone is the persistent yet endearing cymbal ring of albums past, and the production questionably pushes J.D. Cronise's Ozzy-ish vocals up to the forefront. Such mixing will be sure to polarize hardcore stoner metal fans, but the guitars still swing with plenty of neanderthal zest.

The Sword - "Tres Brujas"

By the way, Warp Riders has some of the coolest album art of the year so far:
mainly because it reminds me of this:Awesome.

Warp Riders
drops August 24th and could be one of metal's best releases of 2010.

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