Summer Sounds: Iration

Continuing with the sweet summer vibes, these boys started up their band in IV (if you don't know, listen up, bangin' through SB but all of them comin' straight outta Hawai'i.
Iration recently released their second LP Time Bomb, but the reggae rockers have been selling out places like the Roxy and the Kona Bowl since they put out their Sample This EP.  Sporting a smoothness that is all too good, they make tunes that are good for any season because they don't just write songs about the beautiful Santa Barbara beaches and getting their schwaste on at Del Playa Drive.  This is more than your average reggae-rock band out of CA.  No frills, just Chillvana.

Alooooha: "Wait And See"

Catch them at the US Open of Surfing in Huntington on August 4th.

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