Alas, Burst were an awesome metal band. These Swedes broke up in 2009, but not before releasing their pummeling swan song Lazarus Bird. The best way to describe these guys: take the inventive time signatures of prog-rock, the intensity of death metal, and some post-rock shimmer, blend it up, and add some jazz sax, flamenco handclaps, and a lead vocalist who sounds like a 500 pound silverback gorilla being nettled with arrows.

Opener "I Hold Vertigo" is one of the standout tracks on Lazarus Bird, and it makes sure the band comes swinging out of the gate. A super catchy, one-chord riff that simply bounces anchors the track--there's no way you can restrain yourself from even nodding your head to the chug. Ambient clean sections in between only make it more glorious when Burst put the guitars back in high gear.

Burst - "I Hold Vertigo"

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