Lady Gaga- "Alejandro" VIDEO

I apologize for how long it's taken TWS to post this video, because to me it is one of her most interesting choices. She has reached a stage in her career where her videos have become ubiquitous, and after the shock value is over for her, what else can she do? That is why this video, one of her angriest, is so interesting to me, because it kind of makes sense. It's not the zany tripped-out experience "Telephone" was, nor was it as unfocused as "Bad Romance". This video beautifully details a tempestuous relationship with Alejandro/Fernando/Roberto, and you can see what she means-sort of.

With "Alejandro", Gaga had to choose between upping the ante in a kind of pop arms race, or doing something else entirely. And honestly, I'm not sure what exactly she chose, and if she pulled it off effectively. Whatever you think though, this video is still a typical descent into Fucktown, and well worth the peepage.

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