Chiddy Bang

Last night I got to check out Chiddy Bang kicking off their west coast tour with the Pack, XV and 2AM Club. With MC Chiddy's UK friendly flow and beatmaker Xaphoon Jones' proving his credibility as a sampling megaton in the hip-hop game time and time again, Chiddy Bang come as a uniquely packaged duo. Halfway through a monster set of mixtape tracks old and new, beatmaking half of the duo Xaphoon Jones introduced Chiddy as "the greatest freestyler I've ever met" and asked for rap topics from the audience. The rapper then laid down some bars involving Seattle, virgins, orange juice, a girl named Abbey at the show and an octopus. Chiddy's confident and biting alto flow over Xaphoon's crafty sampling and live drums fashioned both a memorable and energetic concert. Check out the Sufjan sample on this one.

Chiddy Bang - All Things Go

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