Mickey 3D

When I think of bands that hail from the glorious country of France, a few come to mind, among them Justice and technical death metal outfit Gorod. And then there's Mickey 3D. This three-piece have an eclectic sound, mixing acoustic strumming and accordion with electronics and the occasional dissonant electric guitar outburst. Though Mickael Furnon's clever and politically charged lyrics are one of Mickey 3D's main draws, you don't need to understand French to enjoy the awesome songwriting.

"Le Sixieme Sens" is one of my favorite cuts off of 2005's "Matador." Pounding bass and samples of marching footsteps lay the foundation for Furnon's swinging acoustic guitar licks as he sings with an almost rap-like flow. Check it out.

Mickey 3D - "Le Sixieme Sens"

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