Isis to break up

Post-metal outfit Isis, arguably one of the best and most influential band in the genre, announced yesterday on their blog that they will be breaking up after their tour finishes this summer. According to their blog, "ISIS has done everything we wanted to do, said everything we wanted to say." Isis will be sorely missed; they released five critically-acclaimed, monolithic albums over their career. Here are two tracks from the band, if you've never heard them before.

"Holy Tears" is one of the standoff tracks on their 2006 release "In the Absence of Truth," which I consider to be Isis' finest moment. The song kicks off with a churning, drop-tuned guitar riff, alternating with cleaner sections that feature leader Aaron Turner's soaring clean-ish vocals. After a slow-building interlude, the track explodes back into action.

Isis - "Holy Tears"

Next up is "Hall of the Dead," the opener of Isis' last album, "Wavering Radiant." On this album and track, the band mellowed out somewhat, replacing the sludge of past albums with spaced out chords and swirling bass and keyboard textures. The song begins with a stuttering riff, slowly expanding outwards into a full-fledged post-metal masterpiece.

Isis - "Hall of the Dead"

Check out the band's last tour dates with Melvins and Tombs at their website.

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