HYPE ME CAPTAIN / Summer Sounds: Surfer Blood

Just like all things these days, nothing is ever done the same way errday.  In something nearly as monumental as mashing up Biggie and Andrea Bocelli, today the usual "HYPE ME CAPTAIN" and "Summer Sounds" will be mixed together so that you may be in the know on your way to Chillvana.  
At first listen, Surfer Blood's name can be either the name of some hardcore ska-punk band based out of some OC slum that's heavy on localism, or they could be a metalcore group that plays shows in the name of Eddie while rocking some dangerous boardshorts.  At first listen, their tunes are oceanic journeys soundtracked by some effected guitar-driven pop that is hazily sunny and beats along like a Beach Boy.

They can trick you so easily, as in "Harmonix", where you think they're going to go somewhere predictable with their melody, but then BAM! they swerve a sharp left into Sharp Park.  Their guitar-heavy tunes have clear '90s noise rock influence (Pavement, to those of you who weren't the brightest '90s kids) that differentiates themselves from those sorts of bands in the way they arrange their songs.  Indie at its best and most real.  Also enjoyable is the songwriting, which lead vox man John Paul Pitts (what a name) communicates so well.  David Lynch references in "Twin Peaks" and much longing and scathing words to that ever-unnamed girl.

As my (probable), and many others around the blog world, chosen "Indie Band of the Year" (so far), I say chyah!  Who cares if they don't surf.  Who cares if they're from Florida.  Don't be like that.

"Swim" - Their flagship track.

"Twin Peaks" - My personal favorite.  Peep the meow! at the beginning.  Genius.

Plus: Awesome vid for "Swim".

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