Concert (5/29): She & Him @ the Fox Theater Oakland

Zooey Deschanel and M.Ward definitely know how to satisfy their audience, ladies and gentlemen alike. Last night at Oakland's barely two-year old Fox Theater, She & Him played to a lively, adoring capacity crowd of 2800, backed by their completely capable 5-piece touring band. As the band walked out, you could almost hear everyone's thoughts: "Where's Zooey?"  She came out jumping up and down in a sparkling, baby-blue dress and black leggings, giving the audience exactly what they wanted.   M.Ward, looking as dapper as ever, started off the show with his masterful guitar workings, his fingers flying up and down the neck throughout the show, showing tastefully blitzy solos and proving very modestly that She wouldn't be the same without Him.
She set the pace, breezing through the first 5 songs, smiling wide-eyed with the spotlight on her as M.Ward drifted to the side, allowing himself to play his part in the dark while the crowd got to see what they came for. She slayed her critics who say she looks like a "deer in the headlights" during their shows, flashing cute remarks throughout the rest of the set that embodies her charm, silver screen or in person ("I'm going to get a sip of water now...'cause you get thirsty...and dehydrated."). And even better, her voice did more than hold up during the show; she showed blissful control and range that trumped that of the studio recordings. As half of the group too, M.Ward acted as the perfect counterpart, picking up more vocal involvement as the show went on, but seeming perfectly content on his side of the stage with his guitar. The Chapin Sisters, who opened the show with folksy hippie pop, proved their worth as '60s backup singers, providing plenty of "ooaaahs" as the rest of the band kept the rhythm just as it should've been.
Many pleasant surprises came up: Al Anderson of NRBQ came onstage twice, the first time to sing and play parts of the song he wrote "Ridin' In My Car", which She & Him covers on Volume Two.  During some "quality time" with Zooey, she dedicated a song to her parents, who were in the audience, along with her husband, Ben Gibbard of Death Cab for Cutie.  The best of all, however, came with the double encore.  During the first, the entire band came out and performed a couple songs, most notably a completely awesome cover of "Roll Over Beethoven" (with Al Anderson).  The second was definitely the best, though, as Zooey and Matt alone suavely played the Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong classic "Would You Like To Take a Walk?" that perfectly showcased their musical chemistry with back and forth singing parts that closed the show perfectly.  At the end, they bowed, arms over each other, and ran offstage like they were 10 years old again, showing how much fun they're having with this.

UPDATE: Their spectacular cover of "Would You Like To Take A Walk" from the show.

Setlist: I Was Made For You / Thieves / Black Hole / Me and You / Lingering Still / Sing / Home / Change Is Hard / Thought I Saw Your Face / Brand New Shoes / You Really Got a Hold On Me / I Put a Spell On You (Cover) / Gonna Get Along Without You Now / Gonna Get Along Without You Now / In the Sun / Take It Back / Don't Look Back / Over It Over Again / This Is Not a Test / Ridin' In My Car / Why Do You Let Me Stay Here? / Sweet Darlin'.  1st Encore: Roll Over Beethoven (Cover) / Fools Rush In (Cover).  2nd Encore: Would You Like To Take a Walk (Cover).

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