The Flashbulb - "Undiscovered Colors" video

Here's the video for The Flashbulb's new song "Undiscovered Colors," off of the upcoming album Arboreal. Benn Jordan, the man behind the project, combines real instruments and electronic programming to create rich soundscapes. His last album, 2008's Soundtrack to a Vacant Life, was an undeniable masterpiece, covering genres as diverse as breakcore, IDM, post-rock, metal, and even flamenco. On this new track, mastermind Benn Jordan builds swelling strings slowly off of an insistent synth note. As always, a complex, whirring beat chimes in at the song's climax. As for the video itself, beautiful time-lapsed landscapes provide a fitting backdrop to Jordan's music. This is another one you want to crank up to HD and watch full-screen.

Arboreal drops June 8th.

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