Every week, I'll be throwin' down an artist or track that should be common knowledge.

This week kids, we've reeled in a big one.

Delorean is a band from the Basque coastal region of Spain, and they are sailing out from those shores in all directions like mad.  They began as four punk rock teenage kids who eventually found synthesizers and a shared affinity for electronic music.  This sprouted a colossal change in sound, and what was born grew out to be the treasure of Zarutz's music/club scene.

Their sound is one that's familiar, but only so that you can draw inexact comparisons because they have gloriously created a chillwave sort of sound that is completely danceable, yet you can take it to the beach with you and your friends, along with your beach towels and sunscreen.  This is synthpop reinvented and revamped.  They've combined their native Spanish Balearic house beats with melodic pop sensibilities and a touch of Euro-trance to make one animal of a cocktail.

Picture it.  Chillin' by the Mediterranean on the soft white sands of some secret cove with your lover.  Or your friends.  Summertime.  Relaxation.  Good times.  This shot will be heard at bangin' clubs and in speedin' cars 'round the world, no doubt.  I'm calling this one.

Pick up their ridiculously infectious single "Stay Close" and watch their sunny video below.

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