Erykah Badu- "Window Seat" VIDEO

Again, I've been slacking slightly on my quest for the funkiest and the baddest, the hardest and the loudest, so forgive me if you've seen this before. Nor will this be the last time I say this, but Erykah Badu is a THUG. Her album, "New Amerykah, Part 2: Return of the Ankh" dropped March 30, and that is well and good. But her VIDEO "Window Seat" is so bananas that any verbal depiction could only drive all five of our readers away, so I won't even bother. It was shot in downtown Dallas in one take, and she collapses where JFK was shot. Assassinations never seemed so bootylicious. Peep it here, and prepare to have your twelve-year-old mind blown.

For: donk lovers, booty lunchers, buttock enthusiasts, trick-ass marks, mark-ass tricks, etc.

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