"Tonight (Hyper Crush Remix)"-Enrique Inglesias

I have a soft spot the size of Switzerland for Enrique Inglesias. Consider this: he looked us in our eyes and softly told us he could be our hero, joyfully yelped that baby, he liked it, and now, like a trench coat-clad man from a dark alley, declares that, tonight, he's fucking you. Are you serious Mr. Tough Guy?

A comatose cat-lady could fight you off if she didn't want a piece. You even tell us that you don't mean to be rude, for Chrissakes. Boy Scouts nut harder than you. However, you're doing your best to be a man while shedding your good-guy image faster than a snakeskin. A for effort.

Plus, the song has a first-rate synth and 808, remixed by Hyper Crush who, in an act rare among dance producers, allow the genius inherent to the banger to shine through and lend subtlety and complexity to the song. All in all, this song achieves the rare combination of being a quality banger, yet also a colossal misstep for Mr. Inglesias. Stick to the Kidz Bop, amigo.

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