Flying Lotus - Cosmogramma

I didn't bother to post a list of my top albums of 2010 simply because my attention span has dwindled to the point where there were only about 20 albums I could enjoy a complete listen of. With that said, my favorite by far was this masterpiece by LA mad scientist beatmaker Flying Lotus. It's a catchy yet daring experiment with all forms of electronic music centered around a reliable cushion of heavily fuzzy bass lines. Borrowing from jazz, dubstep, fusion, house, his Hyperdub peers, it's the kind of stuff where supplying a genre name would result in far too many hyphens and limiting terms. At this point, it's distinctively the FlyLo sound--fascinating electronic music that's always structured and by no means minimal. Here are a few standouts:

Flying Lotus - Do the Astral Plane
Flying Lotus - Nose Art
Flying Lotus - Dance of the Pseudo Nymph

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