T.I. feat. Chris Brown-"Get Back Up"

The final part of the T.I.'s trilogy, No Mercy, dropped on Wednesday, and this Tip is much different than the Sultan of Swag that glided gracefully over huge tunnel-bangers like "Bring 'Em Out" and "Rubberband Man". Now, after a slew of gun charges, jail sentences, and reality shows, T.I. sounds tired when in the opening seconds, he gently but persistently repeats, "I'm only human."

No one knows what it is to fall from grace as quickly as T.I., but on this song, he regains his graceful style that, merged with his gentle Southern lilt, propelled him to stardom. He strikes an equally delicate balance between remorseful and accusatory, because while he certainly is the primary force responsible for his troubles, are we not responsible too? He now claims that he knows his shortcomings, and although he is currently serving an 11-month sentence for probation violation, it's hard not to believe that he won't regain his title as the King.

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