Coma Cinema

In the world of boys who sit alone in their bedrooms all day and take their shot at composing something brilliant on their acoustic guitar or stand-up keyboard, it's hard to say whether any of them do anything original or just try their best to emulate figures like Elliot Smith.  Coma Cinema, a one-man show from South Carolina, is one that is trying to establish a name for itself.  Mat Cothran constructs short-lived catchy songs that are lo-fi to the max and, especially on his first 2 albums, show the best side of lethargically-formed somber pop.  His vocals are always tinged by a little bit of sorrow, a little bit of longing, and a little bit of optimism.  He can go from low guitar strum moping in the dark to upbeat, lick-happy singing.

More recently, he has been playing with the distorted fuzz he had been carefully applying to some of his songs, and the result is a wonder of sounds that leave you lost in his woods.  "Her Sinking Sun", coming off his next LP Blue Suicide, features watery synths, gratuitous fuzz, and multi-layered vocals to satisfy your wintery yearnings for hibernation.

He's got a sense of style: "Her Sinking Sun"

Also, pick up all his records for free on his website.

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  1. You could do worse than emulate Elliott Smith. My biased opinion.