CERTIFIED WAVY: Fortune Family- "Take Me Away"

3 reasons why Fortune Family rules:
1. They make tracks at NYU à la Rick Rubin
2. They sample Annie.
3. They explicitly say they are not Drake.

4. Like a similar multiracial backpacker group (hint: it rhymes with Schmiddy Schmang), Fortune Family mixes urban sensibilities with glossy beats. However, they pay their dues to the old school, referencing Nas and Snoop Dogg (when his stick was icy and not peppermint) with sharp lines, in stark contrast to the fluffy flow of Schmiddy.

5. Unlike Shmang, Cool Kids, G-Eazy etc. there is no gimmick. No Sufjan, no BMX, no Tennis, they are just good. I can't emphasize that enough.

6. But they're not that good. They have potential to mature and develop and in a world of mixtapes, it's so exciting to see young dudes who haven't gotten it yet and can grow. They have the potential to achieve the hardest thing in the hip-hop world: staying power.

So these guys aren't the kings. They may run Wayne, PA, but they certainly don't run New York. They probably won't have a hit this year. And that is exciting, because they can get better. Stay tuned because these guys have the potential to be better than good. Cool.

Here's Take Me Away.

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