Do the Zombie Wobble with Zeds Dead

Halloween couldn't have come at a better time.  Zeds Dead, hailing from Canada (ka-NAY-DEE-a), have nailed down what can be defined as how zombies dance to dubstep.  But let me define my terms: dubstep is in and of itself not so much a concrete genre, but rather something that is best incorporated with other types of electronic music to keep things interesting.  Like their "Pulp Fiction" reference in their name, they'll punch you pretty hard with their basslines and their never-ending rhythms.  This duo creates some truly haunting tracks which feature the best of the zomb-wob that I expect should emerge from graveyards everywhere come Halloween-time.

Teach me how to wob like a zomb: "Here Comes The Boom"

And remember kids, the drop usually comes around the 1:00 mark on most dubstep tracks.  Then your face gets melted.

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