Cee-Lo "Old Fashioned"

As my friend said about "Fuck You", "It's vintage-sounding and made by black people. Hal's gonna love it."

I just encountered the third song Cee-Lo has released off his upcoming album The Ladykiller, due to come out November not fucking soon enough. While there's no rational way Cee-Lo could have known about my thinly disguised love for doo-wop, this fucker must have a direct wave into my head, because "Old Fashioned" is a great little tune. Cee-Lo's foray into classic R&B and street-corner soul could sound trite à la Bublé, but he does it with charisma and élan and it fucks my shit UP. In "Old Fashioned", Cee-Lo is describing his love but also his recent sound. The turn to the jukebox sound is the most focused effort yet from this man whose talent level is as high as his cholesterol.

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