Very Casual: Sonny & The Sunsets

I guess the influx of certain bands who try to evoke some sort of vague nostalgia from a more laidback time ('60s? '70s?) in their music means that it's cool again to not care about much of anything.  First there was the well acclaimed San Francisco band Girls, and now everyone's looking for spiritually inspired sundresses, daisies to make headbands with, and incense to burn as they waste the time away in their rooms, listening to casual tunes by the likes of Sonny & the Sunsets.  "Too Young To Burn"defines the lifestyle exactly: lighthearted dudes come together, with a few girls to gaze, and start jammin' on their acoustic guitars, which is the song itself.  You can't nail the time period that they're getting at, although you totally have a feel for it in your head.  That's because they're not looking back to any specific time---they only want to bring the feeling back.

"Too Young To Burn"

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