"Runaway Love (Remix) feat. Raekwon and Kanye West"- Justin Bieber

So marks the first of hopefully numerous Justin Bieber songs TWS can get behind. MY favorite light-voiced songbird is back with a remix...with who? Ye and Rae? I've heard many explanations, most of them based under the assumption that they are under some sort of powerful narcotic, but more likely, JBiebz is a cooler dude than most of America gives him credit for. Consider the people he has charmed: Usher, Luda, and now two of hip-hop's baddest dudes. Kid's got it goin' on.

The song itself slaps you in the face immediately with the "Wu-Tang Clan Ain't Nothin' to Fuck Wit" beat, and flavored with Chef's typically gravelly tones, you are lulled into perhaps thinking it is a Wu remix, until the chorus does the unthinkable: makes Wu-Tang pop. The overall effect is similar to Mary J. appearing on "All I Need" and I love it.

Some of you might hate me for liking this and it's not the greatest remix (in particular, it doesn't have the organic feel of vintage Wu and Bieber gets a little lost in the sauce), but it is an inspired collaboration from three major heavyweights in pop music and it is an agreeable clash of two worlds. No one wants to be gangsta all the time.

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