Duos: NewVillager

Duos have been around for a long time, from Sonny and Cher to Bob Dylan and Joan Baez, and they are still running strong today, especially as of late.  NewVillager is a Eastcoast-Westcoast affair, comprised of two dudes who come together to utilize various mediums of art to channel their art experience called 'NewVillager' that is helmed by the idea of transformation.  The best part of it all is the music born from the project, a sound that is self-described 'New Pop' that sprouts from influences claimed as being 'Michael Jackson meets the Beatles'.  "Rich Doors" is an experience within itself, incorporating makeshift percussion, handclaps, falsettos, chanting harmonies, ominous strings, the list goes on.  Pick it up.

"Rich Doors"

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