My Girls of Summer: Uffie

Uffie is one of those girls who you know but don't really know because she's all over the place, that dependently independent crazy girl of the scene who's mysteriously desirable.  Sophisticatedly trashy, she's an American-born international who refuses to be American, choosing instead the French lifestyle.

Going on the anti-flow mindset of vocals in her music, her tracks on her debut Sex Dreams and Denim Jeans wield a distinct, cooly cool style.  Those guys at Ed Banger Records know their stuff well.  Five years in the making, the album is a self-described  "schizophrenic", totally valid since no two songs are the same in any way at all, each track being defined by its beat.  The thing is, beat styling on each track ranges anywhere from synthpop to nu-disco to acid-house to electro-hop, a feature that keeps things wildly interesting in your ear-soundwave relationship.  She even admits to not knowing how to sing on "Our Song", but if you haven't already figured it out, she just really doesn't give a fuck about anything.

"ADD SUV" is a bass-steady sweet piece of ass a track, especially with Pharrell's presence.  His verse builds upon Uffie's chill but swaggerific lead that keeps on the high side of things.

"Difficult" is far from the former, a languor-laced track that is sparkly surreal yet innocent that is found in the keyboard rhythms.  Much more pop in this track, and showcasing her cutesy side.

Also, peep the vid for "ADD SUV".

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