My Girls of Summer: Ellie Goulding

The next chica in the lineup wields a killer voxbox, and she smashes eardrums quite well.  Ellie Goulding has been on the up and up since being voted as the BBC Sound of 2010 and such, but I believe that this brilliant singer-songwriter earned her spot through her songs.
It's weird hearing the tracks on her debut Lights and thinking that in the beginning, she wrote and played them all on an acoustic guitar...until she met electropop producer Starsmith.  The synths certainly put more edge into most of the tracks, channeling the emotions of her heartbreak-ridden songs rightfully, but other tracks still retain some of the acoustic core.  I wouldn't say that she ever would blow up in Gaga-esque fashion, but certainly a contender in the style of La Roux's entrance onto the scene.  Maybe it's because she hasn't grasped the enormous hooks all the way through, but chart-topping pop jams probably aren't her utter focus at the moment.

Nonetheless, she is an earful of pleasure.  You couldn't ask for more sparkle in an electropop singer, her voice is bomb, no rip.  

"Starry Eyed" - A brilliant intro to her sound, encompassing acoustic lills, pop bigs, and dancey boombooms.

"I'll Hold My Breath" - My personal favorite, a lovely, glittery ballad with great hooks and a brutal bridge.

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