My Girls of Summer: Best Coast

"My Girls of Summer" will be a semi-regular summer deal, where I'll be airing some of the chicas that are pumping my speakers right now.  Don't ask why---they're just exxxcellent.
Best Coast is a different kind of girl, but they rep the Best Coast and induce nostalgia in their music like none other.  Bethany Cosentino is the main mastermind of this group, and she lights up on surfy distortion and classic vocal reverb.  She could easily sport a Courtney Love comparison in looking from afar at her lifestyle and looks, but nah.  Either way, she does rock that rebellious, bad-ish good-ish girl sort of vibe.

"Boyfriend" has been a summer rocker since the first listen.  It puts on simple, longing lyrics that could come from Taylor Swift, but executed in a different style that just plain doesn't care.  Cosentino's release is cutesy but rough enough around the edges to shrug off a pop star vocal comparison.  Bang bang drums, reverb, surf twang in the guitars---what's better for these languid, lazy days, cruisin' through a daydream?


...and yeah she's also in that collaboration with Kid Cudi and Rostam.

Check this video for their first single, crazy crazy cool.

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