John Frusciante

For anyone who hasn't heard guitarist John Frusciante's solo stuff and expects it to sound like Red Hot Chili Peppers, last year's psychedelic masterwork The Empyrean should come as a surprise. The closest he gets to his punk funk brethren is the staccato rhythm in album highlight "Unreachable," but Frusciante takes his own route from there. "Unreachable" broods in a darkness that Kiedis and Co. don't usually dare explore, complete with "No Quarter" keyboards and watery vocal effects. Frusciante displays his growing vocal prowess, starting with a Cat Stevens warble before roaring the climactic line of "HEEEEEYYYYY!!!! Shoot me!!!!" And of course, don't forget the arching, emotional guitar solo that makes up half the song.

John Frusciante - "Unreachable"

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