(500) Days of Weezy- My Sick Uncle

Maybe it's the cloud of indie that perpetually hangs over Brooklyn or my inherent inclination towards twee, but this is the best concept mashup album I've heard since Mos Dub. As the title would suggest, this album combines Lil' Wayne lyrics with tracks from the hit not-love story (500) Days of Summer. The overall effect is wild hedonism combined with introspective musings, an unexpectedly fun and workable combination. Futhermore, with an impossibly attractive combination of mashups, hip-hop packaged in a less threatening way, and (500) Days of Summer, it could not be better designed to make liberal-art school students cream their pants. I think you'll be hearing these tracks a lot in the fall.

Key track: Lollipop Dreams (peep it here)

Download the album here

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