Dirty Projectors & Bjork collaboration

Today, I received an email informing me that Dirty Projectors have a new release. This is always a good thing, considering that the band is one of the most original groups out there today. Mount Wittenberg Orca, the new album, is a collaboration with Icelandic singer Björk. David Longstreth returns to the concept album format he gloriously explored on 2005's just plain weird The Getty Address, this time weaving a tale of a time bandmate Amber Coffman observed some whales off the Northern Californian coast. According to Longstreth, "I wrote some songs about it and sent them to Björk, who agreed to sing the part of the mom whale...Amber and Angel and Haley sang the part of the kid whales, and I sang the part of Amber." The DP girls blend very well with Björk's voice, as evidenced by tracks like the largely a cappella "All We Are." The song builds slowly, almost like a post-rock soundscape. It's truly beautiful when Björk and Longstreth's odd melodies finally intertwine.

Download Mount Wittenberg Orca here. All proceeds go to the National Geographic Society's efforts for marine conservation.

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