Brandon Flowers' Solo Debut: "Crossfire"

After a long while of hints and tunes, the Killers frontman is finally getting on with his solo project, and is set to release his debut LP Flamingo on September 14th.
The first single "Crossfire" is very Sam's Town-esque track, with even more of that big soundscape that the Killers have come to like so much, complete with clear U2 guitar tones and harmonics, a driving bass drum and a touch of '80s synths to add a lighter feeling to an otherwise uplifting track.  He pours out lines of sincere promises to his ever-charming damsel Charlize Theron, who plays a nina-fighting herione in the video, as she rescues him in distress multiple times.

Check it out the stylish clip and voice your thoughts:

P.S. An mp3 wasn't posted because there isn't a version that isn't radio or video-ripped, so get it on iTunes yeah? 

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