HYPE ME CAPTAIN blasts a track every week that all of you out there should know about for your own good.  Top 40 radio stations in the States probably aren't hip enough to play this British beaut.
Example is quickly becoming one of my favorite electropop artists---wonderfully produced by the talented Calvin Harris (ref. I Created Disco) and an all-around talented emcee.  Harris' influence clearly shows through in the new record Won't Go Quietly released last week in the UK.  All the synths and beats in the song work together perfectly, unlike a lot of production mix work you'll hear in the US.  The bass is more funky, the synths are a little '80s with some modern flair, as is Harris' signature sound.  There's a great hook at around 3:20 that utterly kills and makes me love the track even more, and is well worth the wait over and over again. Pick it up, blast it, bounce with it.

Refuse American Top 40: "Time Machine"

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