Tiny Masters of Today- "Real Good (Sunroof Remix)"

The Tiny Masters of Today, at first look, are your typical garage-punk-revival Brooklyn band. Critical darlings, they have won the hearts of industry insiders. No less than professional yahoo David Bowie called their music "genius". All in all, however, they are your typical band–except they are comprised of siblings Ivan, 16, and Ada, 14.
The group first got attention in 2005 (nota bene: Ada was 9) when they posted some homemade recordings on their Myspace page, and yada yada yada they have since collaborated with Karen O (Yeah Yeah Yeahs), Fred Schneider (B-52's), and Kimya Dawson (The Moldy Peaches), among others. To a country suffering from Bieber-itis, the first impulse is to patronize them because let's be real, these kids need multiple phone books to even think about seeing over a steering wheel. But don't be fooled, these little brats can rock.
Their newest single "Real Good", is out and is a raw cut of perfectly sublimely stupid lo-fi rock n' roll, à la Ramones, but way more musical. For Chrissakes, they have a keyboard solo and chord changes. What are they putting in Frosted Flakes these days? Their second album Skeletons drops in June too if you're looking for a hipper alternative to Kidz Bop this summer.

Also, I threw in the remix because quite frankly the only difference between the remix and the original is the latter sounds like it was recorded through a hair dryer. There's lo-fi and then there's lo-fi, and personally I like to hear the instruments.

For: Anyone who likes their milkshake Blitzkrieg Bop, with lots of Phil Spector sprinkles.

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  1. Dude, critical darlings? Check out the mean pitchfork review haha: