"Summertime"-Lil' Hot feat. Shawty Lo and Big Bank Black

"Summertime/I'm feeling good/Get my car washed/Right through the hood". This is a chorus. Of a real song. I know.

Lil' Hot, the gentlemen who brought us "Baking Soda", is back with this fresh banger, recorded with all the care of a Powerbook set on Garageband in a college dorm room at 4 in the morning. Yes, it is not the best-crafted crunk number one can imagine. However, this fallacy of a song has a certain joie de vivre that only comes from a hot day spent in hotter whips. He's fuckin' happy, and the messy, dancehall-y beat echoes this triumphant ode to getting through another winter. It's stupid, but a few days of summer vacation will get me on his level, and I say bravo, Lil' Hot, for this song is half-baked, decadent, and wildly unintelligent, everything summertime should be.


  1. You enjoy reviewing bad music so much

  2. Bad artist + bad concept = good song