Summer Sounds: The Movement

These are the first days of my summer, and I'm feeling all right. To get the right vibes going for the rest of the season, I will post a track every week that'll keep you on the path to Chillvana.
Everyone likes to criticize the recent influx of white-boy roots reggae or reggae-rock, however you like to define it.  The blue-eyed counterparts of the original masters don't do a bad job, but their authenticity is always questioned because of the color of their skin and their state or country of origin.  They really gotta stop complaining, because music is universal.  People play what they feel, and if they're feelin' it, then let it go.

The Movement is a hip-hop, reggae-rock hybrid group from Philadelphia.  Never mind the fact that Philly doesn't have gold sands or barreling beach breaks because these dudes are feelin' it, bringing all the good vibes on their most recent record Set Sail.  This is upbeat and feel-good at its best, with record scratches, keys, and even some harmonica to accompany the electric strumming and the smooth bass to channel the raw energy of a good day in the lineup through your speakers.

"Set Sail" -The jumpy keys on the title track will take you wherever you need to be.  Brooklyn to Zuma Beach, 3 minutes and half minutes, tops.

"Impressions" - Peep the record scratches on this one-hundred-and-chill BPM track, but never forget the reggae feel.

"Another Man's Shoes (feat. G. Love)" - G. Love's vocal stylings on this funky, acoustic-driven song help to keep your shades on and the lemonade sippin'.

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