Rosetta's "A Determinism of Morality"

On Rosetta's Facebook fan page, the band describes their genre as "anything but 'post,'" but honestly, their discography up until now has been firmly rooted in post-metal. However, their new album, A Determinism of Morality, finds the group successfully escaping that sub-genre. Amid faster tempos and whiplash dynamics, Rosetta tackles some pretty weighty ideas (see album title). The album art's pretty cool too.

Here's "Ayil," the album's kickoff track. There's no grand build-up at the beginning: the band launches into attack mode with Mike Armine's furious roar leading the way. The instrumentals sound a bit like stoner metal superstars Mastodon as rising guitar chords ride a fluid tide of drum rolls. In the last minute, the whole thing morphs into an almost hardcore breakdown, albeit with a lot of squealing feedback.

I think these guys have earned the right to not be called post-metal.

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