The new age of hippie music has emerged from the depths of the indie rock scene.  "Hippie" doesn't necessarily carry over to visual qualities, however.  Instead, it's all about the feeling and the vibe, the lightness of being and the free-ness of it all.

San Francisco's Papercuts is no newcomer to the scene, as they have lurked in the underground for a time now, and have been recently signed to Sub Pop.  The mastermind of the band, Jason Quever, smacks his sleepy vocals with reverb and works in atmospheric, almost psychedelic sounds with warm keyboards, milky guitars, and a rhythm that chugs along.  The result is a little folky, but maintaining some good pop foundation.  Be warned though, this isn't your sunny Katy Perry-tinged Top 40 pop, this is the stuff just born out of obscurity.  

"Future Primitive"

"John Brown"

You Can Have What You Want was out on Sub Pop April 14th.

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