Not Just Another: Freelance Whales

As a band coming out of Queens, they have a lot to prove in that they aren't just another Williamsburg-hipster hyped majestically fuzzy pop thing.  This group of five, wielding guitars, glockenspiels, tambourines, banjos, harmonium, a waterphone, some keyboard and some computer beats, have brought their scrumptious sound to the indie scene---a sound that made this sector of indie delectable and precious.  Now you know, they aren't just another.

This is not to say that they follow in the steps of their predecessors.  They are far off at once, and then again they warm you up with touches.  Their instrumentation is calm and collected, not rushed, and delicately calculated.  For the sentimentally sensitive, because these melodies are graciously lush.  Their vocals are together, collectively building upon the smooth voices of all of the band members to create an amalgamation of sweetness.  As per their own description, "They invite the human spirit to exit the body, if only for brief moments."      

The Postal Service (textures) + Ra Ra Riot (baroque style) + New York City (gentility) = Freelance Whales.

"Hannah" - This is indescribably infinitely better than anything Owl City could ever dream up.

"Generator (First Floor)" & "Generator (Second Floor)" - Successively.

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