New Pain of Salvation - "No Way"

Swedish prog-rockers Pain of Salvation have uploaded the lead-off track from their upcoming album, "Road Salt One," to their Myspace page. According to the band, the new album sees them stripping down their grandiose sound and "leaning towards a more classic, yet extremely colourful 70’s Rock style." Indeed, the new song, "No Way," is pretty classic rock for most of its duration, featuring slightly distorted, raw guitars and staccato Rhodes piano lines. Daniel Gildenlow delivers yet another soulful vocal performance, and drummer Leo Margarit closes the cut out with a fiery drum solo. My only problem with "No Way" is the midsection, during which the band breaks it down with several awkward sounding guitar/vocal unison licks. Hopefully, "Road Salt One" can cure the slump Pain of Salvation have been in ever since their epic 2002 masterpiece, "Remedy Lane." The new album drops next week on the 17th.

Listen to "No Way" at Pain of Salvation's Myspace.

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